Recipients of the Outstanding Dissertation Award of the Council for Research in Music Education

Recipients of the Outstanding Dissertation Award

of the Council for Research in Music Education


Engaging Indigenous Voices in the Academy:

Indigenizing Music in Canadian Universities

Laurel Forshaw


Critical Border Crossing: Exploring Positionalities

Through Soundscape Composition & Critical Reflection

Kelly Bylica


Making It Through: Persistence and Attrition

Along Music, Education, and Music Education Pathways

Adam Grisé


A Corpus-assisted Discourse Analysis

of Music-related Practices within

Jared O’Leary


On Stage, Off, and In-between:

Negotiating Gay Identity and Teacher Identity in the Choral Classroom

Nicholas McBride


A Model of Classroom Environment and Social-Psychological Factors Influencing Computer-Based Compositional Creativity

Candice Ann Davenport


Ensemble Educators, Administrators, and Evaluation:

 Support, Survival, and Navigating Change in a High-Stakes Environment

Cara F. Bernard

Virtual Vocal Ensembles and the Mediation of Performance on YouTube

Christopher Cayari


“They Wasn’t Makin’ My Kinda Music”:

Hip-Hop, Schooling, and Music Education

Adam J. Kruse


A Social Phenomenological Investigation of Music Teachers’ Senses

 of Self, Place, and Practice

Elizabeth Bucura


Music at Home: A Portrait of Family Music-Making

Patricia Gingras


Justifying Music Education:

Econometric Analyses of Issues in Music Education Policy

Kenneth Elpus


Voices Not Heard: Voice-Use Profiles of Elementary Music Teachers, the Effects of Voice Amplification on Vocal Load, and Perceptions of Issues Surrounding Voice Use

Sharon Morrow


Conceptions of Effective Teaching and Role-Identity Development

Among Preservice Music Educators

Wesley D. Brewer


Career Decisions of String Music Educators:

Factors Associated with Retention, Migration, and Attrition

Joshua Alexander Russell


Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Phenomenological Examination of Participants in a Fieldwork Experience

 Ryan Hourigan


Socialization and Occupational Identity Among Preservice Music Teachers Enrolled in Traditional Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Daniel Scott Isbell


Merry Throngs and Street Gangs: The Fabrication of Whiteness and the Worthy Citizen in Early Vocal Instruction and Music Appreciation, 1830-1930

Ruth Gustafson


Crossing Over: Mutual Learning and Democratic Action

 in Instrumental Music Education

Randall Everett Allsup

The Transmission of Ghanaian Music by Culture-Bearers:

From Master Musician to Music Teacher

Sheila J. Feay-Shaw


Teacher Practice, Pedagogical Discourses and the Construction of Knowledge:

Two Case Studies of Teachers at Work

Thorolf Kruger


Consistency of Tempo Judgments as a Measure of Time

Experience in Music Listening

Eleni Lapidaki


Qualitative and Quantitative Relationships between Children’s Creative

Musical Thinking Processes and Products

Maud Mary Hickey


Perceptual Modalities in Music Listening Among Third-Grade Students

Robert E. Dunn


A History of Multicultural Music Education in the Public Schools

of the United States, 1900-1990

Therese Volk

A History of the Northshore Concert Band, Wilmette, Illinois, 1956-1986:

 The First Thirty Years

William Carson


Images of Imagination: A Philosophical Study of Imagination in Music with Application to Music Education

Mary Reichling


Intelligence and Feeling: A Philosophical Examination of These Concepts as Interdependent Factors in Music Experience and Music Education

W. Ann Stokes

Music Education and the Quest for Cultural Identity in Ireland, 1831-1989

Marie McCarthy

Melodic Schemata, Forms of Representation, and Cognitive Strategies Used by Fourth-Graders in the Recall and Reproduction of Familiar Songs

Janet Revell Barrett

The Effects of Vocal Coordination Instruction of the Pitch Accuracy, Range, Pitch Discrimination, and Tonal Memory of Inaccurate Singers

Jeffrey Aaron


Factors Affecting Accuracy in Children’s Singing

Mary Goetze

A Phenomenology of Music Themes Concerning the Musical Object and

Implications for Teaching and Learning

 Douglas Bartholomew


A Computer-Based Trainer for Music Conducting:

 The Effects of Four Feedback Modes
David Schwaegle


The Effects of Group Breath Control Training on Selected Vocal Measures Related to the

Singing Ability of Elementary Students in Grades Two, Three, and Four

Kenneth Phillips


Modified Path Analysis of a Skills-Based Instructional Effectiveness Model for Beginning Teachers in Instrumental Music Education

Richard Sang

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